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J.E. Severs Funeral Service Ltd is a long established family business situated in Little Hale, covering Heckington, Great Hale, Helpringham, Billingborough, Sleaford and the surrounding area.

Opening hours-24hrs

Our office is at 26 Main Road, Little Hale, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 9BA.

There is ample car parking next to the Chapel Of Rest opposite.


All enquiries

Tel: 01529 460339






COVID-19  Important Information.


These are challenging and uncertain times but please be assured we are doing all that we can to continue to provide the same excellent service whilst at the same time protecting you and our staff.


Funeral homes remain open, but funerals should be arranged over the phone or via other electronic means, wherever possible. If a funeral must be arranged in person, please respect the social distancing guidance, wash hands frequently, and cough or sneeze into a tissue/crook of your elbow.


Do not arrange a funeral in person if anyone involved has symptoms or should be self-isolating, in accordance with government advice. It is vital that we do all we can to reduce the spread of the virus so our staff (who are key workers) remain healthy and able to continue supporting bereaved families. 


If you wish to view the deceased person by visiting the Chapel of Rest, please make arrangements with us for specific times and limit the numbers attending at any one time to those living in the same household. At-risk groups are strongly urged not to visit. 


Webcasting/live streaming of the funeral service (using professional or personal devices) may still be possible – thereby enabling other mourners to still participate without putting themselves and others at risk of harm. 


Please don’t publicly advertise the funeral details to reduce the risk of other, well-meaning mourners arriving unexpectedly.


During the service, all mourners should socially distance from anyone not living in their household at all times.

Refrain from making physical contact with anyone outside of your household. 


We understand this advice may be very difficult for families and will do everything we can to help you say goodbye but is vitally important we respect Government guidance for social distancing, to help stop the spread of COVID-19.


In addition to the advice above we would like to add the following.

As of 4th July 2020 the number of mourners allowed to attend a funeral has increased to a maximum of 30, providing this can be achieved  safely at the venue. Grantham Crematorium's limit is 30 mourners, South Lincolnshire Crematorium's is 28, Boston Crematorium's is 24 and Lincoln Crematorium's is 30.

Any mourner who is showing coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms (a new continuous cough or a high temperature) should not attend the funeral as they pose a risk to others; remote participation ie webcasting, should be considered.

Social distancing applies to mourners at the graveside and crematorium, apart from those who are from the same household who may sit/stand together.

We politely ask that anyone needing to come to the office for whatever reason to telephone us on 01529 460339 to make an appointment.

As of the 8th August all visitors to the office or Chapel of Rest must wear a face mask.


You may be asked additional questions about the deceased and yourself regarding COVID-19.


If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Kindest regards

John and Emma Severs


Chapel of Rest 

Our private, modern, purpose built Chapel of Rest provides a peaceful place for your last goodbyes to a loved one.


Visits to the Chapel of Rest are by appointment.


We realise that it is often difficult for family members to arrange time off  from work, even at times of a bereavement so, as we live just opposite the Chapel of Rest, we offer appointments in the early evening and usually a Saturday morning for you to visit if work commitments prevent you from visiting in normal working hours.

There is no extra charge for this.


We have ample off street parking and you are welcome to take as long as you need.


J E Severs Funeral Service Ltd

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